About Us

Our story

Rusty & Co. was born when I was on maternity leave. I originally set up a small business called PippasCreation after my daughter, Pippa. I mainly crafted wooden keepsakes that were personalised with names/birth details and painted them with colour of choice. It started off as a hobby to keep me busy while I was off work, but grew very quickly and all of a sudden my “hobby” had me working around nap times, snack times, and until the early hours of the morning for months on end and I absolutely loved every second of it. 

It was during this time that I fell in love with both designing pieces for children’s nurseries and then discovering all the beautiful treasures out there by amazing brands. I became very passionate about finding new toys for Pippa that would inspire her to play through creativity and exploration to help develop her imagination.  Both Pippa and I loved all my findings so much It was then that I decided to expand PippasCreation and to focus more on offering toys, interiors and apparel. 

The name Rusty & Co. comes from my own favourite toy when I was a child. It was a brown teddy called Rusty. I loved and cherished him so much and brought him EVERYWHERE I went. Although he was a very simple little teddy bear, he brought so much joy and magic to my life. 

Now that I have become a mother to my little girl, I get to relive that magic of childhood. She, the littlest love of my life, who reminds me how important it is to slow down and treasure the moments that can so easily rush by. 

Through the beautiful brands and products we stock right through to the content we share, we strive to bring that sparkle into your home, adding magic to everyday moments by offering products that your family will love, treasure and cherish enough to pass on through generations as heirloom pieces. 

We always try to get sustainable products by ethical brands. We source from makers and brands all over the globe, with your little one's safety first in mind. You can rest easy knowing that we partner with sustainable and ethical partners.

We are so excited to be fulfilling a dream of ours by helping to provide for our family while running a business from home. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us as we grow.


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